Novas Energy North America


Novas Energy North America is the service provider of the Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) and Technovita Technologies Corp is the licence holder of the Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT). Plasma Pulse Technology started in Russia in 2002 and now has been proven in over 400 wells in Russia, China, Eastern Europe and the United States. Novas Energy North America is lead by Ken Stankievech, President and CEO, Alexandre S. Poustovoit, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Tommy Andrew, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer (North America), and Tom Lagerhausen, Chief Financial Officer.


Plasma Pulse Technology by Novas Energy North America is designed to stimulate petroleum reservoirs, to enhance production and improve reserve recovery. Plasma Pulse Technology is economically efficient, successful and effective in recovery of difficult to recover reserves, increases hydrocarbon recoverability throughout the reservoir, and is environmentally friendly using no water or chemicals. The Plasma Pulse Technology is a sophisticated downhole tool and software application that increases the mobility of hydrocarbons throughout the reservoir and cleans the well’s completed production intervals. For each application of the PPT a customized treatment plan is created based on the individual well’s characteristics allowing for specific and significant success. NENA’s specialized teams, proprietary software, and customized tools work together providing the formula for success in extending the life of a reservoir.