About Company

Technovita Technologies Corporation is a unique combination of business acumen and technology expertise. We are primarily focused in assisting emerging technology companies with the evaluation and validation of their technologies, market positioning, business models, assessing and re-organizing management teams, compliance and accreditation guidelines, competition, expansion strategies and risk analysis.

Technovita's management has decades of experience in the oil and gas, manufacturing and process industries, internet information systems, computer and communications sectors - providing both business and technical support services.

Technovita's strength lies in its expertise of integrating science, technology and business for commercial success.


Technovita's mission is to maximize the probability of our portfolio companies’ success by reducing risk and implementing excellent business practices. For investors in our portfolio companies, the mission is to provide our investor network with high return investment opportunities in thoroughly screened and assessed, well-conceived and managed, technology-based companies with excellent growth potential.


Technovita assists technology entrepreneurs through a maze of business startup options, decisions, plans and growth activities to reach initial and ongoing business objectives. Technovita serves technology-based companies with a significant intellectual property core and high growth potential.

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